Practical Head Ultrasound for the Neonatologist - For Windows

IMPORTANT UPDATE APRIL 2016: The videos in this program need Quicktime for Windows in order to function. Apple have announced that they will cease supporting Quicktime for Windows. The ultrasound programs still work normally but there is a risk of security flaws in unsupported software.

ABOUT THIS PROGRAM: This is the third program in the “Practical Ultrasound for the Neonatologist" series and complements the two “Practical Cardiac Ultrasound" programs. This program uses the same format, including 3D anatomical modelling of the brain to explain the spatial anatomy and the normal 2D views. Sections on cerebral artery Doppler and common abnormalities complete the teaching of the everyday scenarios that neonatologists will encounter with “point-of-care" head ultrasound.

Note that this program will only run in Windows. It will not run on a Mac OS unless there is a parallel Windows OS installed. I am working on rebuilding this program on a platform that will work on a Mac but I don't expect this to be completed until mid 2019.

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